Working Negative Feedback Online to Your Advantage

Social Media Feedback


The squeaky wheel gets the grease” – that’s the saying, right?

You’ve spent a lot of time building your reputation. You’ve advertised your culture, benefits, and invested in social media campaigns directed at the drivers you need to sustain your fleet. Your recruiting team stands ready to interview driver candidates.

However, with those social media efforts, there is going to be some negativity along the way. It’s importany, however, to remember that negative feedback is just a part of life.

Many social media users trust what others are saying about you. 63% of drivers have said they use Facebook, 54% use YouTube and the majority log in with their smartphones. 42% of people who respond negatively expect a response within 60 minutes. They are watching and waiting, to see what you’re going to say.

Qualified drivers are now in the driver’s seat. Some can afford to wait for the right opportunity to leverage their experience into a position that suits them. Sometimes it seems you can offer the world, and you still encounter negativity. But negative comments can be good for your company.

How can you use those comments to convert cautious candidates? It’s time to grease some wheels.

First of all, identify the context the comment was intended. In some cases, you may not need to respond. Comments that are aggressive, sexist, or racist, are better left alone. You can hide these comments depending on the platform and implement a profanity filter to automatically hide them.

The next step is to attempt to establish a real connection. For example, if a driver is disagreeing with pay or hours, consider tactfully promoting other areas of your company, including the benefits you offer and the culture you’ve created. You may provide new information that could encourage them to apply. Being authentic and personal goes a long way.

If a driver believes your fleet doesn’t offer a fair wage, it’s an opportunity to educate. They might not be aware of such factors like safety scores, endorsements, experience, and dedicated lanes that go into developing your rate.

Share that you are a company that promotes from within, encourages professional development and invests in your drivers. Communicate that they can have a future with you. Make sure to highlight what sets you apart from your competition, because that is what they’re looking for!

Remember to respond in a timely manner. If you’d rather address their comment in a private message, make sure to notify them publicly first, so your audience sees they aren’t being ignored.

Remember: be open and available – this is vital, especially in the trucking industry. Signaling that you are willing to talk one-on-one with them will go a long way. Communicate that your recruiting team will follow up with them if they require further assistance, and provide contact information.

Here are some pointers to keep in mind as you respond to negative feedback:

  1. Listen first;
  2. Ask clarifying questions;
  3. Respond promptly;
  4. Be human, transparent, and never negative;
  5. Respond publicly first, before moving to a private conversation;
  6. Use a negative comment as an opportunity to promote your benefits;
  7. Know when to engage and when not to.
Receiving a negative comment isn’t a bad thing; it’s evidence that drivers are seeing your content and provides a window to interact directly. It’s an opportunity to create dialogue and communicate all you stand for, and everything you offer.