Should Outsourcing Your Driver Recruiting Be Your New Year’s Resolution?

New Year Resolution


The beginning of a new year is a time for reflection. Many business owners and managers, including those in the trucking industry, take time to look back at the previous year and plan for the new one. While you may not be making resolutions for your trucking business, you should be setting goals. Those goals will determine what actions you need to take in 2021 to continue to achieve success.

Obviously, some of your goals will focus on driver recruitment. In 2020, recruiting and retention issues became more critical than ever as the COVID-19 pandemic put a great demand on the need to put drivers in seats and keeping trucks on the road. 

While the shifting surge in demand for freight shipping was welcome for most, the challenge of keeping existing fleet personnel safe and healthy became a concern for many. And on the recruiting side, an already tight supply of available drivers got squeezed even more as some drivers opted to stay at home, and driver training programs faced disruptions impacting their ability to train new truck drivers. 

The new year is an excellent time to consider the merits of working with a dedicated truck driver employment service. In an industry where turnover rates can range from 75 to 90 per cent, think of all the time and effort you and your team devote to your hiring needs. Outsourcing your driver recruiting allows you to focus more attention on other aspects of your trucking business.

What Kind of Recruiting Agency Should You Choose?

Ideally, it’s best if you choose a recruitment agency that has trucking industry experience. As a family-owned and operated truck driver employment service, Kupar has been operating since 1994. We work with both carriers and drivers to provide transportation-related staffing solutions to suit all needs.

Here are four advantages an outside agency like Kupar can offer when you outsource your truck driver recruiting this year:

Accelerate the Hiring Process

A driver recruitment agency such as Kupar can find candidates much faster. It’s what we do! By tapping into established talent pools, marketing in your niche, and using recruiters with trucking industry experience, we can find the drivers with the qualifications and skills you need.

We connect with drivers to discuss positions offered, do the relevant background checks, and only submit for your review the candidates that suit your criteria. This helps shorten your hiring time!

Improve the Quality of Candidates

Outsourcing to a recruitment agency means you only have to meet with high-quality candidates. We deal with drivers daily and take care of interviewing and screening drivers.

Our commitment as a driver staffing agency is to understand both our drivers’ needs and your requirements so we can recommend the match that’s best for both parties.

Employ Specialized Recruiting Knowledge

In an online connected world, keeping up with the ever-evolving techniques and technology for recruiting can be challenging. Kupar has staff that specializes in recruiting for the trucking industry, and we continuously upgrade our knowledge, skills and tools for reaching out to and connecting with drivers. 

We have team members with truck driving experience, and we can communicate the needs of the carriers we work with to the drivers we screen.

Leverage Market Knowledge

A critical part of our job as a driver recruiting agency is talking with both company personnel and drivers. As a result, our recruiters have a broad knowledge of the transportation industry and can provide valuable insight and advice for hiring the right drivers.

Working with a truck driver staffing agency is equivalent to expanding your team with industry specialists. You gain access to our knowledge of HR best practices, marketing methods, communications channels, salary rates, and current hiring issues and trends, all without having to increase your personnel roster.

What Other Services Can an Outside Agency Offer?

Some agencies offer services in addition to recruiting themselves. As a trucking employment service agency, Kupar delivers additional services such as Payroll, Driver Relations, Health & Safety Training, and more to help free up your time. 

As a truck driver staffing agency, Kupar also hires drivers directly to fulfill the trucking companies’ needs that may require short-term solutions. Doing this allows companies to fill contract positions without going through hiring, onboarding and training new employees for temporary situations.

Once again, outsourcing this aspect of your recruiting to a staffing agency saves you time. It also reduces your hiring risk and associated costs for processing and managing short-term employees.

Whatever your needs are for the coming year, keeping your trucks on the road and earning money begins with drivers. Outsourcing your driver recruiting could be the best resolution you ever make for your trucking business. 

Connect with us and find out how working with Kupar can help you solve your driver shortage.