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Kupar Names New Compliance Manager

Lisa and Dirk Kupar, who have helped to recruit more than 10,000 drivers through their Belleville-based company, Kupar, are pleased to announce the promotion of Teri Wood to the company’s Compliance Manager.

In her new role, Wood will work closely with trucking companies across the United States and Canada to ensure drivers remain compliant, with her dedicated team acting as an extension of compliance and safety departments.

World-class customer service is important to Wood, who first began...

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Online Learning Can Improve Your Fleet’s Safety — Here’s How

Online training provides a variety of benefits regardless of industry sector – increasing training effectiveness, reducing or eliminating associated travel costs, and improving delivery consistency.

However, businesses in transportation and related sectors reap several additional benefits – especially when it comes to overall safety and compliance.

Online Learning Allows for Data Measurement and Analytics

Driver training is a process, not an event, and to get the most out of that process...

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Why You Need Digital Marketing to Recruit New Drivers

The information superhighway has been rolling for decades and continues to grow.

At times it might seem overcrowded, noisy, confusing, and maybe even unreliable. Perhaps you have a method of hiring drivers in place you’re comfortable with, and the thought of change isn’t an option. Perhaps you feel safe staying in your lane.

Perhaps there is a better way.

Competition for a safe, experienced driver is coveted across the board and the numbers speak for themselves. The forecast of the driver...

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How to Attract and Recruit Millennial Drivers? You’ve Got to Sell Trucking!

One of the accepted realities in the trucking industry has been that recruiters face an enormous challenge in finding enough drivers to keep trucks rolling. We've also known for a long time that our workforce is steadily growing older. Statistically, the average age of truckers is often cited as being somewhere on the plus side of 55.

As these older drivers continue to age out and retire, trucking companies will face increased competition for the remaining pool of truckers, unless more...

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